Difference Between Tank and Tankless Water Heater!

There is a significant difference between these two water heaters. One of them is saving money while the other is burning it. But that is not all; there are other benefits that each of the water heaters offers. In the end, once you put all down on paper, it is only up to you to choose which one is better for you. 

Difference Between Tank and Tankless Water Heater!

To help you out with the decision, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages that each water heater has. 

Tank Water Heater

The tank water heater is affordable, and for only a couple of hundreds, you can have hot water. Many people choose this type of water heater because once in the store, they see a tank water heater that is up to 4 times cheaper than the tankless water heater.

But is it really better to go with a tank water heater?

The lifespan of a tank water heater is about ten years, and according to some information on the internet, you can save up to $100 with a tankless water heater. By saving money each year, you are actually making money with a tankless heater. That’s the biggest drawback of a tank water heater. Even if the water is not used, the tank water heater will use energy to keep it at the desired temperature. 

Limited Water

The tank water heater has limited hot water. Once all the hot water is used, then you need to wait for the heater to do its job. Electrical water heaters take longer at warming water than the gas water heaters. Limited water is a real problem if you have a big family that likes to shower. It is a high probability that some of your family members will need to shower in cold water.

Needs Space

Tank water heaters are large, and their size depends on the size of the tank. Such a large object is hard to place in a small room, so make sure you have enough space for it. 

10 Years Lifespan

Tank water heaters can serve you for ten years minimum. Some quality brands can serve you for 15 years. That’s a good lifespan and means that you will need to buy several tank water heaters in your life. It sounds funny to think so much ahead in time, but when you put that down on paper, that is a significant fact that can make your decision easier when buying a water heater for your home.


  • Affordable – Low Initial Cost


  • Not Economical
  • Needs Lots of Space
  • Only 10 Years Lifespan
  • Hot Water Limit

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are extremely popular in Europe. Tank water heaters are no longer available as an option over there because Europeans invest only high quality, money-saving equipment in their homes. Tankless water heaters can save you an enormous amount of money in the long run. Thanks to the hot water on demand system, these water heaters only heat water when you need it. 

No Limits on Hot Water

With a tankless water heater, you can have unlimited hot water. The whole family can take a shower one by one or all together if you like it that way, and a tankless water heater will make sure there is hot water for everyone. Tankless water heaters are extremely popular among sports teams when, after training, they all take a shower. This kind of scenario is impossible with a tank water heater.

20+ Years Lifespan

There is nothing that can get destroyed and shorten the lifespan in the tankless water heater. There is no tank that can get corrosive or destroyed in any other way. Because of that, there is a considerable lifespan; some folks even say that tankless water heater can serve you forever.

Ideal for Small Room

You can place this type of water heater in any size room. It is mounted on the wall near the pipes and will not take any significant space in a room. 


  • Energy Efficient
  • Small
  • Unlimited Hot Water
  • Long Lifespan


  • High Initial Cost

How to Decide Which Water Heater is Best for You?

Honestly, I don’t think that the decision is so hard to make. However, it all depends on your lifestyle. If you know you will be staying in the same place for the next 20 years or forever, then without any question; a tankless water heater is your choice. 

If you know you will be moving out in a few years; then a tank water heater is the best choice. You will pay a few hundred dollars for hot water and who cares that your energy bill will be a bit higher, it is not like you will be staying in this place forever.

If the future is unclear, then you need to look at all the other pros and cons that each water heater offers. It should be an easy decision because if you read carefully, you know that the tank water heater only has one advantage, and that is the low initial cost.


I hope that the information in this article helps you to decide which type of water heater to get. If you have time, please write in the comments below why did you choose your water heater.

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