EcoSmart ECO 11 (Tankless / Electric) – Review

EcoSmart ECO 11 is a tankless water heater for small homes. For only a few hundred dollars now, you too can enjoy endless amounts of hot water. No tank means you are saving energy and money. Patented self-modulating technology means your bills will not go up even if you take a shower every day.

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This water heater is really small, and you can without a problem, place it in any room. And even if you put it in the living room, there won’t be much damage done to the decor because this water heater is on its own well designed.

EcoSmart, as a company, has a good reputation, and they prove that by giving a lifetime warranty on this model. The lifetime warranty also means that the material used in production is of high quality.

EcoSmart ECO 11 Features

Endless Hot WaterWhen sized correctly your tankless water heater will provide you with endless on demand hot water.
Save MoneyEcoSmart tankless water heaters only turn on when you need hot water – plus they cut down on heat loss, saving you up to 50% in water heating costs.

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ECO 11 only has 13kw and requires 240 volts. 13kw is more than enough for a small home. If you are single or our family is not wasting hot water, then this water heater is more than enough. After all, this water heater only uses power when you need hot water. 

It saves energy, but it still needs 57 AMP power, which means that before purchasing this product, you must make sure that you have at least 60 AMP breaker. If you have other devices that like to pull power, then you will need even stronger AMP breaker than 60 AMPs. It is highly recommended to use at least 125 AMP electrical panel for this water heater. If you don’t have this requirement, then you should first invest in that.

Small Size

Even if you only have little room under the sink that is more than enough for ECO 11 to be mounted. (Dimensions: 6.5 x 13.5 x10)

Unlimited Water Supply While Saving Money

This is an on-demand water heater, which means it works and uses energy only when you need water. There is no need for preheating water, and since the water is heated on demand, then there is an unlimited supply. Of course, there are other limitations like cold weather and too many hot water demands at once. 

All in all, endless hot water is at your disposal, and you can save up to 50% in the water-hating bill.

Ideal For Hot Climate

Let’s be honest 13kw is just not good enough to heat in a cold climate. Maybe in a cold environment where the temperature of water drops below 15 Celsius, you won’t be able to use all pipes in the house at once, and maybe water won’t be as hot as you like, but in a warm climate, this water heater works much better.

If a groundwater temperature is higher than 25 Celsius, then this water heater can supply even two bathrooms. However, as the temperature drops, gallons of hot water per minute drops as well.

Digital Temperature Monitoring

On the front panel, you can monitor temperature as well as adjust the desired water temperature. Adjusting the temperature is easy as turning a knob. On the same knob, you can switch temperature display to show Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing the same knob for 3 seconds. By single-clicking the knob, you can turn the water heater on and off.

To determine how well will this water heater work in your area, check the picture below.


Installation is easy and simple to do, but if you never install a water heater before and you are not working in that branch, then you should hire a professional. By installing it properly, you are sure that there won’t be any leakage in the near future and that the consumed energy for hot water will be used optimally. EcoSmart gives a lifetime warranty, but if you handle it wrong warranty will most probably be void, so leave the installation to professionals.


  • Endless Hot Water
  • Small
  • Digital Temperature Monitoring
  • Affordable
  • Saves Energy


  • Not Strong enough to supply a whole house in cold climate
  • You will need to hire someone to install it for you, and that means initial cost grows


Eco11 by EcoSmart is a decent water heater as long as you use it in a hot or mediocre climate. In the cold climate, this water heater has apparent problems. The most significant advantage of this water heater is the price. For such a low cost, you can enjoy endless hot water, and the power bill will not significantly rise. 

However, initial costs can be a bit higher depending on if you have a powerful enough electric installation in your home. Also, if you are not into a plumbing business, you will need to hire a specialist to install ECO 11 properly. If handled properly, this water heater can serve you forever with minimum maintenance. After all, EcoSmart confirms that statement by giving a lifetime warranty.

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