EcoSmart ECO MINI Water Heaters – Review

EcoSmart ECO MINI has many purposes, but this water heater is not used as a whole house system. The reason behind that is simple; there is not much power in this mini solution for hot water. 

EcoSmart ECO MINI Water Heater

The primary purpose of the mini-tank water heater is to provide instant hot water. Now by the description, this water heater is tank-based, but the mini tank is only used to provide instant hot water. As soon as there is a demand for hot water, ECO MINI acts as a tankless water heater.

It can be used as a point of use system under the sink. Some of the models are more powerful and can provide enough hot water for two sinks as a standalone point of use water heater. You can use it as a booster for your existing water heater for the whole house. Let’s jump and see some of the best EcoSmart ECO MINI models.

EcoSmart ECO MINI 6

ECO MINI 6 is a simple water tank water heater that acts as a tankless water heater with six gallons of hot water waiting for instant use. Thanks to the mini tank, there is no wait for hot water, and you are saving money on the water bill. 

Size6 gallon mini tank for point-of-use applications.

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The design of ECO MINI 6 is compact and attractive, but I must admit that because of six gallons tank, this water heater is a bit larger than the standard tankless water heaters. However, installation is simple, and you can do it on your own. No need for particular electric infrastructure since this device works with a standard power outlet. It doesn’t need dedicated breakers and basically needs a 15AMP breaker. However, make sure you don’t attach other powerful devices on the same breaker at the same time.

EcoSmart ECO MINI 4

EcoSmart produces all of its devices in the USA, and thus, quality is guaranteed. ECO MINI 4 is the same product as ECO MINI 6, only a few inches smaller because it has four gallons tank instead of six. Four gallons tank is still enough to supply two sinks simultaneously. 

SIze4 gallon mini tank for point-of-use applications.

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There is not even a significant difference in the price between ECO MINI 4 and ECO MINI 6, so you should decide if you have enough room for ECO MINI 6. If you have enough space for ECO MINI 6, I have no reason for taking ECO MINI 4 unless you think you will not need an extra two gallons of hot water. In other words, you will be saving on heating an extra two gallons of water, which in the long run can add up.

EcoSmart ECO MINI 2.5

Almost two times smaller than ECO MINI 6, ECO MINI 2.5 is the one that can find space under the tight sink. The price difference among all these ECO MINI models is not significant, and all you need to look is if you have enough space for the larger ones.

SIze2.5 gallon mini tank for point-of-use applications.

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ECO MINI 2.5 will fit comfortably under any sink because it is really smart (16.2 x 11 x 11 in). And if you don’t need extra gallons of hot water, you will save even more money with this model.

EcoSmart ECO MINI 1

The smallest one on the list is ECO MINI 1, with only one gallon of tank. This model is as tiny as tankless water heaters without a tank. However, just like all the rest of ECO MINI models, this one also uses low power and can work simply by attaching it to a power outlet.

SIze1 gallon mini tank for point-of-use applications.

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If you find it challenging to attach pipes on your own, you can hire a plumber, and I am sure he will not charge you a lot. 

This small water heater can be used in various locations; one of them are boats or even campers. As long as you have a pipe with water and a power outlet, this water heater can be installed.

Pros and Cons Of Using ECO MINI Water Heater

A clear disadvantage of these water heaters is low power. These models can’t heat lots of water and are not a good solution in cold places. But are the best solution for point of use system. Since they have a tank with hot water, they can provide hot water instantly. No need to wait for hot water. The most significant advantage of all is the simple installation. Low power consumption makes this device works by plugging it into a simple power outlet.

Installation Costs

I dare to say that there are no costs to install the water heater in your home. However, you may need to hire someone if you don’t know how to attach pipes. If you have a friendly neighbor who knows this stuff, he will gladly install it for you for a cake or beer. That’s how simple it is to install the ECO MINI.

How To Choose Best ECO MINI Water Heater?

If it fits, buy it. As simple as that. If this water heater fits in the location, you predicted for it then buy it. You need to have a power outlet close by, and that’s about it. In other words, always look for an ECO MINI with a larger tank; if it can fit, take it if not, then look for smaller tanks that will fit in.


EcoSmart ECO MINI is a great simple to install a tankless water heater with a tank. It can supply a decent amount of hot water, but it won’t supply the whole house; keep that in mind before making a final decision. From the list above, you can easily choose the one that fits you most.

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